The Journey Begins

I’ve been working out on and off now for about 4 years, and never committed to it 100 percent.  There have been periods where I’ll hit the weights hard, but never for prolonged periods of time.  The same goes for the diet, I’ve cleaned it up and done the meal prep thing for a few weeks at a time but it always fades off.  Why is this? I never set goals for myself when it came to fitness.  I just assumed since I’m getting a pump, getting a sweat going and burning some calories that I’m doing enough.  Thus, my body has looked the same for a couple years now.  Each year I’m losing and gaining the same ten pounds.  This is a typical cycle for a gym bro, but a time comes in a bro’s life where he must ask himself what kind of man do I want to become.  He can either be the kind that gives half his effort and accepts the status quo, or he can be the kind that says I will not stop at nothing until I’ve reached my goal.  I will not a man that accepts the status quo.

So, what is my goal then?  My goals with this project are twofold.  I need to challenge myself physically and mentally.    My physical goal is to be able to bench-press 225 pounds within 365 days.  It is simple goal, and easy to visualize.  225 pounds is a sexy looking weight, two plates a side.  Like C.T Fletcher says, there aint nothing better than a pair of 45’s slapping together.  I am currently benching a one rep max of about 145 so I have quite a bit of weight to put on the bar before I reach my goal.  Arnold always talked about his goal and vision.  It was so clear to him that each day he would wake up and his goals and visions would dictate how he went about his business.  I know what I wanna hit.  I know the body I wanna have.  Its time my vision dictates how I go about my business and start crushing my goals.

Starting to workout again

Mentally this project will challenge in other ways.  Everyone has goals and aspirations, but the consistency and perseverance are what dictate meeting and maintaining those goals and aspirations.  This process won’t happen overnight.  It will be a long and arduous task and I know this heading in.   With that being said, I know what I am capable of when I put my head down and work, and that’s what I intend on doing.

This undertaking will allow me to flex my brain muscles with my work outside the gym.  As a recent university graduate in Marketing, I am seeing the realities of the job market. Nobody will just hand you and opportunity, you must earn it.  I don’t have the experience for entry level positions, and my resume just isn’t strong enough to impress.  This project will give me skills and experience in web page management, content creation, social media management and back end analytics.  This website is my portfolio to show you recruiters that this kid has the determination and desire to succeed and gain the experience that is needed to get a job in today’s market.  If you’re interested in a candidate who has an entrepreneurial spirit and jumps into projects at a super-fast pace?  Then look no further because I’m your guy.



Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”



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