Day 4: Biceps

Today was gun day.  Every now and then I like to focus a day on the guns and see what kind of pump I can get out of them.  There’s nothing quite like the euphoric of seeing a bicep vein for the first time.

For this workout, instead of freestyling it like I normally would, I followed a routine from one of my go to Youtube idols.  Phil Heath is a 5 x Mr. Olympia and he’s not shy about putting his routines up on the tube.  This workout is great for anyone looking to get a nice arm pump in before heading to the beach or to a shirtless party.  For this workout, I didn’t even count reps really, more or less just went to failure.  Follow the workout that Phil outlines and note what weight you get up to with your low rep sets.  The max I got up to in the workout was 35’s with the rep range of 4-6.  With arms, you don’t need to lift heavy which is a common mistake.  Pick a weight that is comfortable and focus on the stretch and contraction.  Better form means a better pump.


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”


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