Day 12: Arms

Today was about those glamour muscles.  It might be late November but were prepping for beach season with this workout.  Working out arms is a fun time for this guy.  Once you get that bicep vein showing like mine has been lately it puts motivation in front of you in the form of a mirror.

Part of why so many start working out and then trail off is because they don’t see results and get discouraged.  They can feel the results of a workout, the fatigue, the soreness, and the tightness, but they don’t see any results.  The reality is that it takes weeks if not months to start noticing visible differences with your body.  If your able to push through the first few weeks and then start noticing visible changes in your body, it changes the game up completely.

This ties into an earlier post and the importance of visualization.  When the results haven’t come yet, you need to rely on the vision that you have set for yourself.  This vision will dictate how long you’re in the gym, how hard you’re working, what you’re eating, even how you spend your time out of the gym.

Once you make your first set of gains and the mirror verifies this transformation, it motivates you.  In a way, it makes things easier, because you have proof that you’re closer to your goal.  Each rep and set you do now brings you closer to achieving your vision and you can see each workout bringing you closer to your goal.


  • 10 minutes of stair climber


For this workout, I followed a men’s health routine I saw online which I don’t normally do but I do like changing up my workouts from time to time.  I must say this workout had my arms feeling pumped after the workout, but I thought it was a bit short.  A few more finishing exercises could have been thrown in there at the end, but that’s just one man’s opinion.  I did like how they included a video of every exercise so you know how to preform each movement.

  • Close grip chin-up and close grip dumbbell floor press superset: Chin ups till failure then superset with 40’s for 8 reps. 3 sets
  • Zottman curl and eccentric overhead triceps extension superset: 25’s for 8 then superset with 20’s for 12. 3 sets
  • EZ-Bar Curl and decline skull crusher superset: 60 easy curl bar for curl till failure then drop to 40 for skull crushers till failure. 3 sets
  • Rope Hammer Curl and Rope triceps pushdown superset: Dropset with weights on rope curls then superset with 40 for pushdown till failure. 3 sets
  • Flexed-Arm Carry complex and Plank Walkup Superset: 15’s for carry then superset to plank. 3 sets
  • Inclined Curls: 22.5’s for 15, 25’s for 10, 30’s for 6, 35’s for 4
  • Hammer Curls: 25’s for 12, 30’s for 8, 35’s for 4


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”



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