Day 24: Arms

When I work arms, the most important set for me is the last one.  This is when I pick a workout at I know will burn my arms and make them feel like they’re falling off.  I like doing a curl line as my finisher because it can be done with light weight and it’s about getting the reps in to complete the burn.  This type of finisher works your bicep and forearms to give you that last pump before you walk out of the gym.  If you’re doing this at the end of a workout, remember to try and stick with your form.  Swinging to get the weight up won’t get you the arms you want, so if need be, lower the weight or pause to make the reps solid.


  • 5 minutes on stair climber
  • Shoulder stretches


  • Close grip chin-up and close grip dumbbell floor press superset: Chin ups till failure then superset with 40’s for 8 reps. 3 sets
  • EZ-Bar Curl and decline skull crusher superset: 60 easy curl bar for curl till failure then drop to 40 for skull crushers till failure. 3 sets
  • Rope Hammer Curl and Rope triceps pushdown superset: Dropset with weights on rope curls then superset with 40 for pushdown till failure. 3 sets
  • Inclined Curls: 22.5’s for 15, 25’s for 10, 30’s for 6, 35’s for 4
  • Hammer Curls: 25’s for 12, 30’s for 8, 35’s for 4
  • Concentration curls: 25’s till failure (slow and feel contraction)
  • Curl Machine: 85 for 5 then drop to 30 and hit each arm individually
  • Concentration Curl Machine: 40 for 8, slow and focus on stretch and contraction
  • Curl Line: 30’s regular curl for 8, 25’s hammer curls for 8, 20 half curl for 8, 15 reverse curls (forearm) for 8.  Repeat 3 times


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”


3 thoughts on “Day 24: Arms

  1. Great arms lift alike Johnny!

    I too always finish an arms workout with a super burner too; a JC Santana inspired 30 reps of full ROM resistance band arm curls, but I’m looking for something new, I’m a try yours next arm workout next week!


      1. Thanks Buddy, I’m going to check those guys out I wasn’t aware of them!

        A guy on Youtube I really like is AthleanX, he’s a former personal trainer and physical therapist for some MLB teams and he’s got some great workouts!


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