Day 3: Chest and Abs

Heading into this workout I knew it would going to be a grind.  I was feeling hella stiff from the work I had put in the day before.  I had gotten barely any sleep at night and walked into the gym a zombie.  On days like these you just gotta throw the headphones and relyContinue reading “Day 3: Chest and Abs”


The Importance of Vision and Goals

Today I want to touch on something that one of my greatest idols always talks about, and that is the importance of a vision and goal. “Why do you want to work out, what is your goal.  The most important thing is that you have a vision, that you have a goal.  Because without thatContinue reading “The Importance of Vision and Goals”

Day 1 FTB (For the Blog)

I’ve been hitting the gym hard for the past four weeks but honestly I’ve been feeling like shit.  I treated the past four weeks as a foundation phase.  This phase is when you get your body ramped back up for the intense workouts after some time off.  I think there’s some saying out there thatContinue reading “Day 1 FTB (For the Blog)”

Writing a Fitness Blog: 4 things I’ve learned so far

1)Walk before you run. LEARN BLOGGING BASICS Writing a fitness blog is no different than any other personal blog really. But before you change the world with your fitness knowledge, you must first learn how you can get the knowledge that’s in your head, onto the blog effectively.  As an amateur blogger myself I won’tContinue reading “Writing a Fitness Blog: 4 things I’ve learned so far”