Day 19: Rest Day – Changes Moving Forward

When I started blogging I jumped right into it, bought the domain, set up the theme quick and didn’t even think through what I wanted to write about or the strategy I was going to use.  It was just something that interested me as a young marketer who needed to become comfortable writing content.  IContinue reading “Day 19: Rest Day – Changes Moving Forward”


Day 17-18: Rest Day Thoughts

After getting back at if for only three days I made the call to hold off for a couple of days to not aggravate my neck strain.  This is a weird strain that doesn’t seem to be recovering.  Normally with injuries they tend to start feeling better each day but with my neck it’s justContinue reading “Day 17-18: Rest Day Thoughts”

Day 13: Rest Day – What I Think About

The old stereotype of the gym is that it is seen by many to be this shallow place reserved for bodybuilders and men with high testosterone.  Men mindlessly chasing their dream body through a pump.  I was always able to see past this stereotype because I know each person in the gym has a story. Continue reading “Day 13: Rest Day – What I Think About”

Day 7: Rest Day

For me personally, I don’t follow a set schedule when it comes to my rest days.  I listen to my body.  When my body is telling me “your sore today kid, I need a break,” well then it’s time to take a break.  Not resting when you need to can lead to major injuries, orContinue reading “Day 7: Rest Day”