Day 24: Arms

When I work arms, the most important set for me is the last one.  This is when I pick a workout at I know will burn my arms and make them feel like they’re falling off.  I like doing a curl line as my finisher because it can be done with light weight and it’sContinue reading “Day 24: Arms”


Day 20: Were Back for Back Day

We were back at it again with another back day, and boy was I excited to walk into the gym.  I had taken three days off to heal a sore neck which was starting to feel much better.  This time to let my neck heal also gave my body three days to heal as well. Continue reading “Day 20: Were Back for Back Day”

Day 12: Arms

Today was about those glamour muscles.  It might be late November but were prepping for beach season with this workout.  Working out arms is a fun time for this guy.  Once you get that bicep vein showing like mine has been lately it puts motivation in front of you in the form of a mirror.Continue reading “Day 12: Arms”