Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym

So, I walked into the gym today, ready to smash some legs.  I followed the same routine as I always do.  Pack my bag in my room listening to some music, get my protein shake for after the gym, get my pre-workout for before, and then head out the door to kill it.  When IContinue reading “Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym”


Day 20: Were Back for Back Day

We were back at it again with another back day, and boy was I excited to walk into the gym.  I had taken three days off to heal a sore neck which was starting to feel much better.  This time to let my neck heal also gave my body three days to heal as well. Continue reading “Day 20: Were Back for Back Day”

Day 19: Rest Day – Changes Moving Forward

When I started blogging I jumped right into it, bought the domain, set up the theme quick and didn’t even think through what I wanted to write about or the strategy I was going to use.  It was just something that interested me as a young marketer who needed to become comfortable writing content.  IContinue reading “Day 19: Rest Day – Changes Moving Forward”