Day 13: Rest Day – What I Think About

The old stereotype of the gym is that it is seen by many to be this shallow place reserved for bodybuilders and men with high testosterone.  Men mindlessly chasing their dream body through a pump.  I was always able to see past this stereotype because I know each person in the gym has a story. Continue reading “Day 13: Rest Day – What I Think About”


Day 12: Arms

Today was about those glamour muscles.  It might be late November but were prepping for beach season with this workout.  Working out arms is a fun time for this guy.  Once you get that bicep vein showing like mine has been lately it puts motivation in front of you in the form of a mirror.Continue reading “Day 12: Arms”

Day 11: Shoulders

After three good days in the gym, my body was just not ready to go for this workout.  Each weight felt like it had ten pounds added onto it.  I was fighting everything but that’s how it goes in the gym on some days.  The important thing is to get in there, spend some time,Continue reading “Day 11: Shoulders”

Day 10: Leg Day

After two good workouts in as many days, I’m excited to walk into the gym, which is a strange feeling on leg day.  My goal for the day was to focus on form.  Form is something I’ll admit to struggling with in regards to my leg workouts.  It’s easy to focus on form and dialContinue reading “Day 10: Leg Day”

Day 9: Chest and Triceps

Time to get back at it and hit chest hard.  I had a great day training back yesterday, time to carry that positive energy into my next workout.  The length of my workouts are getting longer but my body is starting to feel stronger and I can handle the increased length of workout physically.  TheContinue reading “Day 9: Chest and Triceps”

Day 8: Back Day – Deadlifts

Want to get stronger? Do deadlifts, it’s that easy This lift works out so many different muscle groups.  Hamstrings, hips, abs, lower back, upper back, biceps etc.  To often people are intimidated by the deadlift so they stay away from it.  It’s hard work, and as far as dangerous gym movements go, this one isContinue reading “Day 8: Back Day – Deadlifts”

Day 7: Rest Day

For me personally, I don’t follow a set schedule when it comes to my rest days.  I listen to my body.  When my body is telling me “your sore today kid, I need a break,” well then it’s time to take a break.  Not resting when you need to can lead to major injuries, orContinue reading “Day 7: Rest Day”

Day 6: Legs – Getting Under the Bar

“I can’t wait to go to the gym and work legs today” – No one ever I’ve been told that legs make up around half of the body.  I’m not a doctor, or good at math, so I’m not sure if this is exactly true or not.  What I can tell you is the truthContinue reading “Day 6: Legs – Getting Under the Bar”