Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym

So, I walked into the gym today, ready to smash some legs.  I followed the same routine as I always do.  Pack my bag in my room listening to some music, get my protein shake for after the gym, get my pre-workout for before, and then head out the door to kill it.  When IContinue reading “Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym”


Day 16: Legs

Working out chest the day prior, I knew my upper body needed a day of rest to deal with the strain.  My legs however felt fine, which meant it was their turn to do some work in the gym. I’ve been amazed at how quickly my legs have gotten their strength back.  At the startContinue reading “Day 16: Legs”

Day 10: Leg Day

After two good workouts in as many days, I’m excited to walk into the gym, which is a strange feeling on leg day.  My goal for the day was to focus on form.  Form is something I’ll admit to struggling with in regards to my leg workouts.  It’s easy to focus on form and dialContinue reading “Day 10: Leg Day”