Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym

So, I walked into the gym today, ready to smash some legs.  I followed the same routine as I always do.  Pack my bag in my room listening to some music, get my protein shake for after the gym, get my pre-workout for before, and then head out the door to kill it.  When IContinue reading “Day 22: Legs – Sounds of the Gym”


Day 21: Chest Day – Asking for Help

When I started this journey of wanting to bench 225, I knew it would be a challenge.  Mentally I am still in the zone and know I am headed in the right direction.  Physically I feel like time trying to make gains a little to quickly which is compromising my form.  One thing I haveContinue reading “Day 21: Chest Day – Asking for Help”

Day 20: Were Back for Back Day

We were back at it again with another back day, and boy was I excited to walk into the gym.  I had taken three days off to heal a sore neck which was starting to feel much better.  This time to let my neck heal also gave my body three days to heal as well. Continue reading “Day 20: Were Back for Back Day”

Day 17-18: Rest Day Thoughts

After getting back at if for only three days I made the call to hold off for a couple of days to not aggravate my neck strain.  This is a weird strain that doesn’t seem to be recovering.  Normally with injuries they tend to start feeling better each day but with my neck it’s justContinue reading “Day 17-18: Rest Day Thoughts”

Day 16: Legs

Working out chest the day prior, I knew my upper body needed a day of rest to deal with the strain.  My legs however felt fine, which meant it was their turn to do some work in the gym. I’ve been amazed at how quickly my legs have gotten their strength back.  At the startContinue reading “Day 16: Legs”

Day 14: Back Day – Confidence

I walked into the gym feeling confident, which for me is huge.  After my rest day, my body had recovered well and I was feeling strong.  For a lifter looking to make some gains, confidence is huge.  It gives you that extra boost you need to push yourself through obstacles, challenges and setbacks to achieveContinue reading “Day 14: Back Day – Confidence”

Day 10: Leg Day

After two good workouts in as many days, I’m excited to walk into the gym, which is a strange feeling on leg day.  My goal for the day was to focus on form.  Form is something I’ll admit to struggling with in regards to my leg workouts.  It’s easy to focus on form and dialContinue reading “Day 10: Leg Day”

Day 8: Back Day – Deadlifts

Want to get stronger? Do deadlifts, it’s that easy This lift works out so many different muscle groups.  Hamstrings, hips, abs, lower back, upper back, biceps etc.  To often people are intimidated by the deadlift so they stay away from it.  It’s hard work, and as far as dangerous gym movements go, this one isContinue reading “Day 8: Back Day – Deadlifts”

Day 7: Rest Day

For me personally, I don’t follow a set schedule when it comes to my rest days.  I listen to my body.  When my body is telling me “your sore today kid, I need a break,” well then it’s time to take a break.  Not resting when you need to can lead to major injuries, orContinue reading “Day 7: Rest Day”