Day 1 FTB (For the Blog)

I’ve been hitting the gym hard for the past four weeks but honestly I’ve been feeling like shit.  I treated the past four weeks as a foundation phase.  This phase is when you get your body ramped back up for the intense workouts after some time off.  I think there’s some saying out there that goes “to build a skyscraper you need a strong foundation”.

This phase saw me miss some days due to soreness, battle a two-week chest and throat infection, deal with some bad anxiety due to not having any work, and just overall being down due to my current situation in life.  Yep, I had a tough October and start to November, but I’m still grinding.  Life has some rough patches but just gotta take them in stride and keep your head up and feet moving.

With that being said, my body is feeling ready to start hitting the big boy weights and throw around some iron to reach my goal of benching 225.  I’m weighing in around 150ish so it’s not gonna be an easy feat to get to this goal, but fuck it, being unemployed gives me nothing but time.  I’m still not sure what kind of format I wanna stick with for throwing up my workouts on the blog, and at this point I have no subscribers or active viewers so I get to do some experimenting till I find I format I like.

AM Session: Cardio & Stretching

  • Stair climber for 20 minutes, at an average speed of 10
  • HIIT training on stationary bike for 10 minutes.  5 bursts for 20-30 seconds when you got the juice.
  • Static stretching of the legs to recover from yesterday’s leg day
  • Foam roll it out.  Confidence is key with foam rolling, just pretend like I know what you’re doing and the crossfitters will leave you alone without offering unsolicited advice

PM Session: Abs and Shoulders

Abs – Today I tried the Officialthenx 5 minute home ab workout.  This is a 5-minute consecutive ab workout that combines cardio and hits your core hard.  I would suggest warming up with some planks first like I did just to avoid pulling something.  This shit was intense and I will 10/10 be doing it on a regular basis now.

Shoulders–  For this workout I didn’t count reps, just went to failure


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”


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