Writing a Fitness Blog: 4 things I’ve learned so far

1)Walk before you run. LEARN BLOGGING BASICS

  • Writing a fitness blog is no different than any other personal blog really. But before you change the world with your fitness knowledge, you must first learn how you can get the knowledge that’s in your head, onto the blog effectively.  As an amateur blogger myself I won’t try and pretend I know all the ins and outs, but I can refer you to HubSpots Inbound Marketing certification course.  They have great instructional videos on how to write blogs for business uses, but the concepts are more than applicable for personal blogs.

2) Plan your ideas in advance

  • When I started this blog, I jumped in head first with no plan. I had a name and that was it.  I had no strategy for my content.  No idea what it was going to look like, what I was gonna write about, nothing.  When it came to writing my first few posts I was staring at a blank page with no direction.  My advice is to sit down, and ask yourself “why am I doing this?”  The why in my opinion is the most important factor in writing.  Once you answer the why, you have a clearer picture of what your next steps will be.  This step is crucial when writing a fitness blog or any blog for that matter.

3) Know your readers

  • When it comes to writing a fitness blog, try and learn the personalities of those who will be reading it. For myself, learning these personalities came from years of watching the different niches of gym goers.  Jot these personalities down on paper in an organized manner.  I created buyer personas for the different types of gym personalities that I thought would be reading my content.  Knowing how they talk, their type of training, the supplements their taking, and their fitness goals make writing for these personalities much easier.

4) Be honest with your progress

  • It’s easy to boost for the web. I could inflate my reps or my workouts and nobody would know, but that’s not why I’m doing this.  I started this blog to track my progress as I work towards a bench of 225 lbs and I’m gonna be honest about my progress.  I’m an average joe by societies standards, no godlike physical features thats for sure.  I cheat on my diet sometimes; I don’t feel like working out every day and I often don’t drink enough water (but who does).  These are things I’m trying to change and I hope this blog helps me stick with it a way.  If I’m going to show people that it’s possible for them, I have to keep it honest and not hide behind filters and fake stats just to flex for the web.  Just trust the process and stick with it.


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”


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