Day 16: Legs

Working out chest the day prior, I knew my upper body needed a day of rest to deal with the strain.  My legs however felt fine, which meant it was their turn to do some work in the gym.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly my legs have gotten their strength back.  At the start of October I was just getting back into the rhythm of squatting and was struggling with 135 on the bar and getting down to depth while holding form.  Now I’m approaching 225 for a PR but and I’m in the 200’s for reps now.  It shows what can be achieved with persistence.  The most I’ve ever squatted was 225 some years back but now I’m about to hit that mark while feeling much better about it.  Last time I got to this mark I was a young lifter throwing weight on the bar I couldn’t handle.  I was shaky and cheated aspects of the lift, but now I feel much more confident.  My leg feel like they can handle the weight but more importantly my secondary muscles like core, and back can handle the weight as well which makes the lift much safer.


  • 5 minutes on stairclimber to get the blood flowing
  • Static leg stretching


  • Squats (pyramid up and down):  95 for 12, 135 for 8 for 3 sets, 155 for 8, 175 for 8, 185 for 6, 195 for 3, 205 for 2, 215 for 1, 135 for 8
  • Leg Press: 360 for 6 for 4 sets (normal), 180 for 15 for 3 sets (narrow legs)
  • Quad Extension (drop sets) 60 for 10 then drop to 40 and go till failure.  4 sets
  • Calf Raises (plate machine): 70 for 10 for 4 sets
  • Walking Lunges: 50lbs barbell on back, walk for 10 sets each leg, turn around then walk back
  • Hip Abductor machine: 175 for 12 reps


Soon to be “Johnny Two Plates”


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